This equipment makes available to its user 7 types of Voltage in only one point, spread on various points of distribution.

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Technical characteristics:


Voltage supply : 3x400V + N + T


Dimensions : Length :     Width :      Height :        Weight :

                      1300 mm    900 mm     1150 mm      480kg

Maneuverability: ensured by a handle, two rear wheels as well as two regular wheels with brakes (to block it when used).

Supplied with the power cord.

Protection against shocks ensured by 8 trapezoidal support.

The various cables can be wrapped around the handle when moving. Distribution example on the AERO 2 model (code : 49A53002) :

  • Weight 480
  • Longueur 1150mm
  • Width 900mm
  • Height 1300mm

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